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Pashanna by KatuTheKat Pashanna :iconkatuthekat:KatuTheKat 6 2 Joanna McCoy x Pavel Chekov by KatuTheKat Joanna McCoy x Pavel Chekov :iconkatuthekat:KatuTheKat 9 9 Twerk it, girl! by KatuTheKat Twerk it, girl! :iconkatuthekat:KatuTheKat 4 20 Okay, who took zem? by KatuTheKat Okay, who took zem? :iconkatuthekat:KatuTheKat 5 5 Clocks don't exist in Night Vale. by KatuTheKat Clocks don't exist in Night Vale. :iconkatuthekat:KatuTheKat 253 13
Eto ne tvoya vina. (2009!Chekov)
A heavy sigh. How could he let that happen? She was gone now… because of him.
Chekov looked down at the ground, tears threatening to tumble down his cheeks. He swallowed; guilt a heavy lump in his throat. How could he face Spock now? He couldn’t… Shakily, he stood, finding a bottle of vodka in his quarters. He unscrewed the lid, drinking the clear liquid straight from the bottle. It burnt on the way down. He deserved it. Gasping, his eyes overflowed with the tears that then rolled down his pale cheeks. The vodka still in hand, he drank more. It seemed to make him feel worse, not better. He still deserved it. With this in mind, Chekov continued to drink, pushing himself deeper and deeper into a depressed state. He held the bottle tighter around the neck and held himself steady on the bed, looking up at a light in his room, and he cried. Hard. He tried not to make too much noise, which resulted in violent sobs shaking his frail frame.
Izvinite... I-Izvinite!
:iconkatuthekat:KatuTheKat 8 5
Ensign, what are you wearing? by KatuTheKat Ensign, what are you wearing? :iconkatuthekat:KatuTheKat 5 4 Umbreon by KatuTheKat Umbreon :iconkatuthekat:KatuTheKat 7 5 The Eon duo by KatuTheKat The Eon duo :iconkatuthekat:KatuTheKat 6 2 Pokemon Fusion: Jigglychan by KatuTheKat Pokemon Fusion: Jigglychan :iconkatuthekat:KatuTheKat 18 4 Valentines 2013 (Pokemon!USUK) by KatuTheKat Valentines 2013 (Pokemon!USUK) :iconkatuthekat:KatuTheKat 134 11 Bunny!Prussia by KatuTheKat Bunny!Prussia :iconkatuthekat:KatuTheKat 14 3 Bunnymerica~ by KatuTheKat Bunnymerica~ :iconkatuthekat:KatuTheKat 13 17 Bunnyrisu by KatuTheKat Bunnyrisu :iconkatuthekat:KatuTheKat 9 11 Snoooowwww by KatuTheKat Snoooowwww :iconkatuthekat:KatuTheKat 3 90 Luckiest Rabbit of the Galaxy by KatuTheKat Luckiest Rabbit of the Galaxy :iconkatuthekat:KatuTheKat 0 2

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Mature content
Hate is Love - USxUK :iconxxxgothicthingxxx:XxXGothicThingXxX 11 12
APH - A Warm Feeling - USxUK by EmoRikuKH APH - A Warm Feeling - USxUK :iconemorikukh:EmoRikuKH 59 10
Letter - USxUK
You taught me everything I know, and everything I do, I do because I learned it from you…
"Arthur, Arthur! Come look come look!" a child called from the living room.
Arthur smile and put down the dishes then dried his hands with a towel. "What is it Alfred?" he asked as he hung the towel on the handle to the oven and started for the door that led to the living room.
"You have to come see! It's a surprise! Ehehe!" Alfred called again "But you have to close your eyes! Don't worry though, I'll lead you to the surprise!"
Arthur smile then put his hands over his eyes as he came to the doorway. He felt a tug on his jacket that told him to walk forward, which he did. "Where are you leading me to, Alfred?" he asked.
"I can't tell you that! It would ruin the surprise! Silly older brother!" Alfred said "Come on! It's just a little bit farther! And don't open your eyes! I want you to be super duper surprised and happy!"
The older one chuckle some "Super duper happy huh?"
:iconxxxgothicthingxxx:XxXGothicThingXxX 8 5
APHetalia -USUK HAPPYLATEV-DAY by BaneIing APHetalia -USUK HAPPYLATEV-DAY :iconbaneiing:BaneIing 99 27 USxUK Hetalia Trade by thecarefree
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USxUK Hetalia Trade :iconthecarefree:thecarefree 350 197
USXUK by bowlersandtophats USXUK :iconbowlersandtophats:bowlersandtophats 258 107 USXUK Chibi Lunch by kurohime27 USXUK Chibi Lunch :iconkurohime27:kurohime27 27 4
.APH. A World Cup Tie - USxUK
"ENGLAND!!! Open up your door!!" America yelled as he pounded energetically on the nation's poor, beaten-up door. The first time he heard he was going against his old caretaker in the World Cup, he jumped into his private plane and flew over to the island nation.
England tried to ignore the pleas from the younger nation, as he sat and sipped a cup of tea. He knew about the World Cup, and why America was on his door step.
As if he would wish me luck. That twit doesn't even know what real football is.
"I'll give you five seconds to open your door or I'm tearing it down!"
The pounding continued and the complaints from outside of the door rose in volume, giving the older nation an irritating headache. It annoyed him so much, that England set down his tea and walked to the door.
England walked briskly towards the door before the American could knock down his door. With a frown upon his face, the lighter blond opened the door. America stopped his countdown, scr
:icon1xxblackxguitarxx1:1XxBlackxGuitarxX1 211 36
USUK - we're being watched... by TechnoRanma USUK - we're being watched... :icontechnoranma:TechnoRanma 1,040 58 USUK - Happy Valentine's Day by TechnoRanma USUK - Happy Valentine's Day :icontechnoranma:TechnoRanma 1,524 93 APH: USxUK: This Way by edelricfan APH: USxUK: This Way :iconedelricfan:edelricfan 110 7 UsxUk Hetalia by AlegriaxHarapienta UsxUk Hetalia :iconalegriaxharapienta:AlegriaxHarapienta 141 13 USxUK: Glasses by Project-Paper USxUK: Glasses :iconproject-paper:Project-Paper 122 17
APH- USxUK: Cover-up
America turned his head down slightly to look at the British man.
"I don't see what you're so upset about."
England scowled. "Why wouldn't I be upset? You threw a pillow in my face. While I was reading."
The taller man pouted. "England, you're so boring. You need to lighten up. It always seems like you have a pole up your ass."
Iggy was not amused.
"That's France, you idiot."
A goofy smile spread across America's face. "Okay, you're right about that. But y'know what I'm sayin'! You need to enjoy life more!"
England scoffed. "You're just an arrogant idiot who spazzes out at the littlest things!" He poked America's chest, but right as he did so, the younger man snatched up his hand and kissed it gently.
"You're a real snot, y'know that?"
The so-called gentlemen blushed as America pressed their lips together. A small moan escaped England as the other nation's tongue started to explore every nook and cranny of his mouth.
Their lips parted, and America grinned. "But I know the whole snob ac
:iconthe-dancing-onigiri:the-dancing-onigiri 137 47
USXUK by LolatheHedgehog USXUK :iconlolathehedgehog:LolatheHedgehog 54 12 Paparazzi USxUK by Merakieros
Mature content
Paparazzi USxUK :iconmerakieros:Merakieros 654 246


get me
i woke up really early for some reason (it wasn't even my alarms) so by the time mum'd come home from her nightshift early in the morning i was already subbing.


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I'm just a bit weird shhh

i ship anything and everything pretty much

current ship i ship: Hershel Layton/Randall Ascot


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