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Pashanna :iconkatuthekat:KatuTheKat 6 2 Joanna McCoy x Pavel Chekov :iconkatuthekat:KatuTheKat 10 9 Twerk it, girl! :iconkatuthekat:KatuTheKat 4 20 Okay, who took zem? :iconkatuthekat:KatuTheKat 5 5 Clocks don't exist in Night Vale. :iconkatuthekat:KatuTheKat 255 13
Eto ne tvoya vina. (2009!Chekov)
A heavy sigh. How could he let that happen? She was gone now… because of him.
Chekov looked down at the ground, tears threatening to tumble down his cheeks. He swallowed; guilt a heavy lump in his throat. How could he face Spock now? He couldn’t… Shakily, he stood, finding a bottle of vodka in his quarters. He unscrewed the lid, drinking the clear liquid straight from the bottle. It burnt on the way down. He deserved it. Gasping, his eyes overflowed with the tears that then rolled down his pale cheeks. The vodka still in hand, he drank more. It seemed to make him feel worse, not better. He still deserved it. With this in mind, Chekov continued to drink, pushing himself deeper and deeper into a depressed state. He held the bottle tighter around the neck and held himself steady on the bed, looking up at a light in his room, and he cried. Hard. He tried not to make too much noise, which resulted in violent sobs shaking his frail frame.
Izvinite... I-Izvinite!
:iconkatuthekat:KatuTheKat 8 5
Ensign, what are you wearing? :iconkatuthekat:KatuTheKat 5 4 Umbreon :iconkatuthekat:KatuTheKat 8 5 The Eon duo :iconkatuthekat:KatuTheKat 7 2 Pokemon Fusion: Jigglychan :iconkatuthekat:KatuTheKat 18 4 Valentines 2013 (Pokemon!USUK) :iconkatuthekat:KatuTheKat 135 11 Bunny!Prussia :iconkatuthekat:KatuTheKat 15 3 Bunnymerica~ :iconkatuthekat:KatuTheKat 13 17 Bunnyrisu :iconkatuthekat:KatuTheKat 9 11 Snoooowwww :iconkatuthekat:KatuTheKat 3 90 Luckiest Rabbit of the Galaxy :iconkatuthekat:KatuTheKat 0 2

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Portal Refraction Cubes :iconwazzy88:wazzy88 2,120 104 : Littly Iggy blinks - animation : :iconnimmiii-tan:Nimmiii-tan 94 76
Nothin' That Ain't Already Broke pt3
He couldn't have just gone on back home, no.
Alfred had to go to Toronto.
Sam glares at the blue pleather seat not two feet in front of him, knees painfully cramped up. He fusses with his jaw, trying to get his ears to pop.
The plane took off less than a half hour ago and already Sam wanted off. He wishes he'd never gotten on, but he knew he had to. It's not like Alfred's going to come back to him anytime soon, and if he didn't try and right this quickly, he might lose him…
Don't be late
There's no time to be afraid
There's a way to clean up the mess you've made

It didn't take long for Sam to decide to follow Alfred.
It had been about three hours after he had left. Sam went about the house, busying himself with menial chores and eventually giving up, giving into the emptiness and lying on the couch, avoiding the still-unmade bed in his room.
The stillness of his body as it sank into the cushions allowed his mind more energy, with which he replayed the
:iconimwiththeunicorn:ImWiththeUnicorn 7 27
Mochi Sealand - WIP :iconxpomeriggio:xPomeriggio 10 15 The Birth of Sealand *page 8* :iconsouthparkfirefly:SouthParkFirefly 162 183
Nothin' That Ain't Already Broke pt2
Matthew opens the door, heart skipping the moment he sees Alfred in the doorway. "A-Al! Come in! This is really unexpected, I—" Alfred nods, stepping in without a word and smiling very slightly. "Al, are you okay?"
"Fine," Alfred mumbled, heading straight for the living room and flopping down on the couch.
This is when Matthew sees the bruise. He gasps, hastening over to Alfred and touching him gingerly on the cheek. Alfred flinches away, eyes embarrassed.
"…Alfred…" Matthew's soft-spoken concern near breaks Alfred's heart.
"Don't, Mattie. It doesn't even hurt."
"Did…did he do that to you?" he whispers, looking over Alfred with a concerned eye. "Did he hurt you anywhere else?" He takes a seat beside him.
"Matt, I'm…" Alfred sighs, straightening up. "It was a stupid fight…I don't want to talk about it. Got beer?" He forces a smile and stands. Matthew nods, sighing sadly.
"Fridge in the garage.
He stays seated as Alfred leaves the room, putting his fa
:iconimwiththeunicorn:ImWiththeUnicorn 8 23
Tsundere in Training :iconoptimusprimemyridian:OptimusPrimeMyridian 2 25 Why so mean, Samskies? :iconoptimusprimemyridian:OptimusPrimeMyridian 1 5 .:MMD:. England's Fairy DL :iconkimikonyan26:KimikoNyan26 138 29 hair colors :icondejavil:dejavil 85 138 .:MMD:. Nendroid England :iconkimikonyan26:KimikoNyan26 36 21 The Birth of Sealand *page 7* :iconsouthparkfirefly:SouthParkFirefly 151 159
The Unionist: 6
Sam burst through the front door. He looked at his surroundings. His eyes sliced through the table caked in crimson to the slightly tattered curtains to the rack of guns. A rush of air filled his nose and traveled down to his lungs. It made it way through his bloodstream to help nurish his body.
A low grumble came from Sam's stomach. He placed a hand to it with eyebrows furrowed. At the moment, his stomach was in need of proper feeding. He glanced at the basket of bread.
"That Yankee needs this more than I do..." He thought aloud. He sighed but thought the Unionist wouldn't mind if one small loaf was missing from it's sweet, well-woven haven. Fingers curled around the wheat-based food that he claimed as his own.
Feet began to lead him to the room that he had left Alfred. As he made his way there, he placed the morsel of nurishment gifted to him by the child on the table. The furniture may have been a little messy from the operation; but, in times like this, clean food was the last thin
:iconoptimusprimemyridian:OptimusPrimeMyridian 2 8
Cheesecake. c: :iconcaelinusorionvargas:CaelinusOrionVargas 0 28 MMDNC Fem England :iconchocosunday:chocosunday 84 44 Aph: Look up! :iconmicosol:MicoSol 738 140


get me
i woke up really early for some reason (it wasn't even my alarms) so by the time mum'd come home from her nightshift early in the morning i was already subbing.


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I'm just a bit weird shhh

i ship anything and everything pretty much

current ship i ship: Hershel Layton/Randall Ascot


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